“What an amazing job you did with my 40 year old 2”x2” slides I took went I served in Germany.  A few years ago I tried to have them converted to a video format what we received was hazy and unacceptable pictures that we could not share.


Being recommended to you by Linwood was absolutely our luck.  You digitized our 500+ slides in a quality that I dare say exceeded the original slides, and you did them in very quick time.  The DVD you presented us with music was marvelous and our new treasure.  My wife and I both cried, laughed, and “do you remember” as we spent a whole morning looking at them over and over again.  The memories they brought back were very special to us.


Your technology, coupled with your the special handling and presentation, was extremely professional, and the DVD was presented in a format and casing that way exceeded our expectations.”


Steve, Bedford, New Hampshire